At this point in the process, the home is really starting to take shape and look like a home! The subfloor is installed, walls are framed, and the windows and doors are in place. Now we can start working on the systems that go inside the walls. Since being a great home builder is our job, not yours, we walk our clients through everything that is happening, as it happens. And capture their input as we go. Right now, we are working with our clients and our expert partners to plan their electrical layout and lighting plan. All while making sure it works for their needs and lifestyle. There are three stages to this process:

1)     Designing the electrical layout to meet building code and lifestyle needs

2)     Choosing light fixtures to match the layout

3)     Walking through the home to visualize the plan, confirm locations and make changes as needed


The Site Superintendent, electrician and lighting supplier work together to ensure we have an electrical layout that meets the building code. But it also needs to meet the client’s expectations for how they plan to live in their home. The combined experience of our expert partners helps to guide the clients in their decisions. This layout covers items like ceiling fixtures, pot lights, electrical outlets, and more.

We come prepared to make it as easy as possible. Our lighting expert guides decisions based on the future furniture layout. This helps the clients be clear on where to center fixtures in rooms and what type of lighting makes the most sense. For example, the abundance of natural light from the south facing windows in the stairwell led to the decision to use wall sconces instead of a ceiling fixture.

Some things you can consider while working on your plan are:

–          Do you require an extra overhead fixture or pot light in your ensuite bathroom in addition to your vanity lighting?

–          Are you installing multiple pendants over your kitchen island?

–          Where you would like outlets placed based on how each room will be used?

–          Do you need a USB outlet in your kitchen to form a charging station for phones and other devices?

–          Are you planning on installing a television above your fireplace?

–          And if so, what type of outlet or cabling will you need there?

–          Do your kids have desks in their rooms where they will need an outlet for their computer?

There are many things to consider, but our Experts will guide you through every step.


Once the lighting layout was completed, our Clients met with their electrician and Site Superintendent at their new home to do a thorough walkthrough. At this meeting they have the opportunity to discuss and review the planned electrical components. While the plan indicates the locations of pot lights, flush mounts and ceiling fixtures, there is an opportunity to make changes on site. Walking through your home with the experts allows for you to really see and feel how the plan will translate from paper to real life. And we want to make sure you can make adjustments as needed. And take advantage of expert advice and knowledge.


Also known as “the fun part”! During the selection meeting, Kiersten at Pine Lighting helped the client’s make their choices. With each selection she ensures there is a proper amount of light in each area of the home for the tasks performed there. Exterior lights are also selected at this time. Kiersten not only helps you choose functional lighting, but she also makes sure your style and aesthetic is honoured.

Lighting is a way to have fun and create personality in your new home. Our clients selected a combination of black and brushed nickel fixtures to go with the timeless, transitional interior style of their Kimberley Home.


We’re counting down the days until the exterior work starts! These are the most noticeable changes that excite the clients – and neighbours – as their home starts to really take shape. And while the outside is coming together, the interior work is just beginning. Drywall, flooring, railings, cabinets, countertops…the list goes on. We update our clients at every milestone. They love watching the progress and we love sharing it with them!


We know you’ve been following along on the progress of this infill home as well, but how would you like an opportunity to tour this home IRL? We are hosting a Dusty Show Tour in the spring so you can get a sneak peek of this exciting infill home in downtown Kelowna. Add your name to the list here for your exclusive invite!

And if you have questions about starting your own new home building experience, call or text Lauren anytime at 778-401-7376.