Once framing is complete and the windows and exteriors doors are in, it is time for the first client walk through with the site superintendent and VP of Construction. Our clients will meet the Kimberley Homes team members onsite to spend a few hours walking through the framed home. During this visit, clients are able to examine rough-in locations, but also to be able to add extra backing in those special spots, whether it’s for hanging mops in your mudroom, TV mounts, or your favourite piece of artwork.  Our experienced Kimberley team tours the clients through room by room in close detail to ensure the home is aligned with our homeowner’s expectations.

At our first scheduled client walk through, the clients have the opportunity to note changes before we move forward with electrical and plumbing rough-ins.  For example, our clients were able to relocate their hose bibs and adjust the natural gas lines on the rooftop deck to better allow for how they intend to use the space! We know there are many moving parts to a new build and it is our job to make it as easy as possible throughout the process. These small customizations onsite provide all of our clients with the confidence that their home is being built for them and their lifestyle.

Next in the process comes the electrical layout. The site superintendent, electrician and lighting supplier all work together and their combined expertise helps to guide the clients in deciding where they want light fixtures, pot lights, electrical outlets and more. The layout is designed to meet code and will also reflect the way the clients will be living in the home and what makes sense for them.  Our lighting expert helps to guide the clients in considering their furniture layout, where to center fixtures in rooms and what type of lighting makes the most sense. For example, the abundance of natural light from the south facing windows in the stairwell have contributed to the clients decision to use wall sconces instead of a fixture.

We are so excited to see the personality of this home take shape as we move on to drywall and exterior finish!