We’ve almost made it to Possession Day! The”behind-the-wall” work is complete and now, the fun part. Cabinets are installed, lighting fixtures are hung, and the tiling and flooring work begins. This is often when the new home starts to feel real for our clients, as they see the selections they made months ago come to life. Right now, we are working with our clients and our expert partners to plan their finishing work. A few examples of what this finishing walk-through includes are:

  1. Planning shelves and organizers for all the Closets
  2. Custom finishing work the clients would like to add


The Site Superintendent, finisher and clients all work together during this custom process. We come prepared to make it as easy as possible and will provide suggestions or examples based on how most of our clients will layout their closet organizers and systems. Together we will visit each closet, decide it’s use and what will ultimately be stored within each one.

  • Do you require space to hang up your Dyson vacuum in a Mudroom closet?
  • Do your Bedroom closets need more room for hanging or shelf space?
  • What about those long summer dresses; where will these be hung with the space allowed for the full length

When it comes to the Pantry, clients are able to customize the space. For example, the width and height of their shelves may be modified to make sure it can accommodate the small appliances that will be stored there.



While we are nearing the end of the new home build, there is still opportunity to add custom finishing touches to your home. Wall details like wainscoting, floating shelves or fireplace columns can be decided on and added at this time.

When you build with Kimberley we will be there to help you make the best use of each space for your family. There are many things to consider, but our Experts will guide you through every step.



The next time you hear from us, our downtown duplex will be finished! At this point, our clients have received their Possession Day letter which is sent 35 days before their scheduled Possession. As we get the house move-in ready, our Move-in Concierge is assisting our clients in coordinating movers, utilities, mail forwarding and what ever else you need to make moving into your Kimberley Home as easy as possible.


If you have questions about starting your own new home building experience, call or text Lauren anytime at 778-401-7376.